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Provide information about activities, accomplishments & recognitions, including:

Select an option from the drop down list and click on "Add New Entry" to create a list of your activities, accomplishments & recognitions. Do NOT enter high school activities in this section. List each activity only once. For instance, if you volunteered for a charity on multiple occasions, list that experience only once. If you have more than one activity, select the “add a new entry” button for each. If the activity is ongoing, estimate the future end date or leave the dates blank.


Enter all of your paid or volunteer occupational therapy (OT) observation hours on the OTCAS application. If you have observed an occupational therapist in more than one setting, select the Add New Entry button to enter each additional experience. Some OT programs may require OT observation hours or a signed form as part of the admissions process. Review the online OTCAS Directory pages for program-specific requirements. OTCAS will not determine if you met the minimum observation requirements for your designated OT programs.

Items on the OTCAS Application