Customer Support

Q: What are the phone number, e-mail address, and hours of operation for Customer Support?

A: Please use the following information to contact OTCAS Customer Support:

Phone Number: (617) 612-2860
E-mail: When contacting via e-mail, please include your full name, CAS ID number and a detailed question. E-mail is the most efficient way to communicate with OTCAS.
Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday (9am – 5:00pm EST)

  • Transcripts:

    Transcript Department
    P.O. Box 9120
    Watertown, MA 02471

Overnight address:
Sending your transcripts or other documents via overnight or express delivery will NOT expedite their processing once they arrive at OTCAS. If, however, you are unable for any reason to send your documents via standard post and must utilize express delivery, you may use the following address:

C/O Liaison International
311 Arsenal Street, Suite 15
Watertown, MA 02472

OTCAS cannot guarantee the receipt of any mailed items, regardless of the method of delivery.

Q: What types of questions should I direct to OTCAS customer service staff?

A: OTCAS staff is well qualified to assist with any questions regarding the following topics:

  • General questions regarding policies and procedures of the OTCAS online application process
  • General questions regarding official transcripts and coursework verification
  • Questions regarding OTCAS GPA calculations
  • General questions regarding references, as well as the OTCAS online Reference portal
  • Questions on the status of required documentation 10-business days after document was mailed to OTCAS

Please read all OTCAS instructions and the entire FAQ list thoroughly before you contact the OTCAS office. Many of your questions will be addressed on the web site. We strongly recommend that you e-mail your questions to if you do not find the answers or other information on the website, as e-mail is the most efficient way to communicate with OTCAS. Please allow up to 3 business days to receive a reply to your inquiry. When contacting via e-mail, please provide your full name, OTCAS ID number and your detailed question.

If you are unable to find answers to your questions in the instructions or FAQs, you may also contact us via telephone at 617–612–2860 between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00pm Eastern time, Monday through Friday. Our customer support representatives can provide you general and technical assistance to help you properly complete the application process.

Q: What types of questions should I direct to OT program admissions offices?

A: OTCAS is pleased to assist you with any questions you have about the OTCAS application process. However, OTCAS customer support cannot provide information on certain subjects, so questions about the following issues should be directed to your designated OT admissions offices:

  • Specific admission requirements and policies
  • Admission decisions
  • Minimum course requirements and course substitutions
  • Interviews or review criteria
  • Foreign transcript evaluation service
  • Non-OTCAS programs and websites
  • Supplemental applications and fees
  • Requests for deadline extensions

For instance, if you would like to know if the late submission of application materials would affect your eligibility for admission, you will need to check with the OT programs directly. OTCAS cannot tell you whether you have met the minimum course requirements for your designated program(s). In addition, OTCAS cannot respond to questions about a particular program’s admission policies for supplemental applications, interviews, review criteria, admission decisions, etc. Review the OTCAS program pages to find this type of information. If you have questions about OT program requirements, e-mail or call the institution directly.

Q: Will OTCAS e-mail me about the status of my application?

A: OTCAS will notify you via e-mail once you create your application, you submit your application, when application materials are received at OTCAS and when your application has been verified. OTCAS will also contact you about problematic application materials or incomplete/incorrect information on your online application. OTCAS will NOT notify applicants in the case of missing documents. If you wish to see if your application is complete and whether OTCAS has forwarded your application to your selected programs, you must login to your OTCAS application and check the PROGRAM STATUS section.

Make sure the e-mail address listed on the OTCAS application is your current e-mail account. You must frequently check your e-mail account and the Message section of your online application for important information throughout the application process.

Q: Why haven’t I received any e-mails from OTCAS?

A: OTCAS and OT programs may send e-mail messages simultaneously to multiple applicants. However, some e-mail providers use filters to prevent users from receiving “Spam” (unsolicited, junk e-mail), and these e-mail filters may incorrectly interpret an e-mail from OTCAS or an individual program as “Spam” and automatically delete (or set as “Junk”) a message to you about the status of your OTCAS application. To avoid missing important OTCAS e-mails, turn the “Spam” or “junk” e-mail filters off during the application cycle. If your e-mail provider does not allow you to turn the filter off, you may have access to a “junk mail file” that archives all messages identified as sent to multiple addresses. Periodically check your Spam/junk e-mail file for OTCAS or program related messages. If you do not currently have an e-mail address or are unable to turn off the Spam/junk filters described, please establish a new e-mail account.

YOU MUST ALSO CHECK THE MESSAGE SECTION OF YOUR APPLICATION ON A REGULAR BASIS! Any e-mail that is sent from OTCAS can also be found in the “Messages” section of your application.

Below are a few free e-mail services for you to consider. (This is not a comprehensive list and does not reflect an endorsement or guarantee for reliable service).


Q: Why haven’t I received an e-mail from my designated OT program?

A: OT programs may contact you at different points in the admissions cycle based on local policies and procedures. An OT program may contact you as soon as you e-submit your application, once your application is verified, once your application is received, once the program’s application deadline has passed, and/or only after an admission decision is made. Be sure to check your e-mail account on a daily basis for important messages from OTCAS and your OT programs. If your contact information changes during the admissions cycle, login to your OTCAS application and edit your contact information online.