Official Transcripts – U.S. Institutions

Q: Do I have to send an official transcript from every institution I have attended?

A: Yes! OTCAS must receive an official transcript for you from every regionally accredited U.S. and Canadian institution you have attended, regardless of whether this information appears as transfer credit on another transcript you had sent or if it was a high school dual enrollment course. You application cannot and will not be processed until all U.S. and Canadian transcripts have been received. OTCAS does not require transcripts from schools that ONLY have in progress/planned coursework.

Q: What is an official transcript?

A: An official transcript is issued from the Office of the Registrar, contains an official seal or signature of the registrar and a watermark, and is sent to OTCAS directly from the Registrar in a sealed envelope. Transcripts that are issued directly to students and then forwarded to OTCAS are not acceptable. OTCAS cannot accept faxed or photocopied transcripts. All transcripts will be inspected by OTCAS staff to confirm validity before being marked as received in your application and used to verify your Coursework section.

To make sure your official transcript is handled properly by OTCAS, you should print the OTCAS Transcript Request Form by clicking the orange button next to the school name in your Institutions Attended page (you must enter your institution information before you will be able to print a Transcript Request Form). You must give this document to your Registrar’s Office to include with your transcript when it is mailed to OTCAS. At the same time, you should request an unofficial student copy for yourself to help you complete the online application.

Q: How do I print a Transcript Request Form?

A: The Colleges Attended section of the OTCAS application allows you to print Transcript Request Forms. OTCAS strongly recommends that you print and advise your college registrar’s office to attach a Transcript Request Form to your official transcript. This form helps OTCAS properly match your official transcripts to your OTCAS application. If your current name is different from the name listed on your transcript, you MUST include both your current and former name on the Transcript Request Form.

How to Print a Transcript Request Form

  1. Login to your OTCAS application, and select the Colleges Attended section from Academic History
  2. YOU MUST enter your institutions first before you can print the transcript request form.
  3. Below each of your Institutions Attended you’ll find a link for the Transcript Request Form
  4. Click the link associated with the Institution for which you want to print a Transcript Request Form; this will initiate the download of a PDF file. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print the file.
  5. Print out and complete the form and submit it to the Registrar’s Office of the institution.
  6. Be sure to advise the Registrar’s Office to enclose the Transcript Request Form with your official sealed transcript, if possible, and mail it directly to the OTCAS Transcript Processing Center.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Each of your Transcript Request Forms is unique. Each form has the name of an institution indicated on it, and a bar code specific to that institution/your account. Please be sure to send the correct form to each of your institutions. Transcripts sent without the appropriate Transcript Request Form may result in the delay of your application. WARNING: DO NOT ALTER THIS FORM IN ANY WAY

Q: Can I print one Transcript Request Form and use it for all of my transcripts?

A: No. OTCAS will create a unique bar-coded Transcript Request Form for each institution you entered in the Colleges Attended section. When sending Transcript Request Forms, pay close attention to the name of the institution that is printed each form. Transcripts sent without the appropriate Transcript Request Form, or with the inappropriate Transcript Request Form, may delay the processing of your application.

Q: Does my school offer Parchment service?

A: Click here to see if your school offers the Parchment service. If your school is not listed, your transcript must be sent by mail. If your school is listed, click here and follow the instructions to proceed. Once your transcript is requested, it takes 7-10 business days for it to post to your application. If your transcript is not posted after this timeframe, contact Parchment directly to confirm the order was completed, then contact customer service.

Q: I have transfer credits that appear on my primary transcript. Do I still have to send a transcript from the transferring institution?

A: Yes. OTCAS requires an official transcript from every accredited U.S. or Canadian institution attended. Transfer credits generally are an inaccurate or incomplete record of the coursework taken at the transferring institution and cannot be used to verify your coursework.

Q: What do I do if my transcript(s) are not received by OTCAS?

A: It is your responsibility to periodically check the status of your OTCAS application and make sure that all required materials are received at OTCAS and processed into your application. You may view the status of your application materials at any point by checking the Status section in the upper right corner of your My Application page.

Please note: OTCAS is not responsible for any materials lost in the mail or for delays caused by the Registrar’s Office. Sending your transcripts or other documents via overnight or express delivery will NOT expedite their processing once they arrive at OTCAS. OTCAS cannot guarantee the receipt of any mailed items, regardless of the method of delivery.

Q: Can I send “Student Issued” (unofficial) transcripts to OTCAS?

A: No. OTCAS accepts official transcripts directly sent from the registrar’s office only. Unofficial, student-issued, and hand-carried transcripts are not acceptable.

Q: Will OTCAS send my transcripts to my designated programs?

A: No. OTCAS will not forward original or copied transcripts to your designated programs(s). Your official transcripts are used in the processing of your application and remain at OTCAS. If your designated program(s) also requests a transcript, then you will need to comply with the request.

Q: Will OTCAS send my foreign transcript or other documents to a Foreign Transcript Evaluation service; a non-participating school; or any other establishment?

A: No. Any documents received by OTCAS will be used for verification purposes and subsequently archived. OTCAS is not authorized to distribute any applicant documents for any purpose except the initial application to a member OT program. OTCAS cannot make exceptions to this policy under any circumstances.

Q: Where do I send my technical/vocational transcripts?

A: Do NOT send technical or vocational transcripts to OTCAS. Contact your designated OT programs directly to determine if they want to receive your technical/vocational transcripts.

Q: Do I send transcripts from an Overseas US Institution?

A: Yes. You must provide OTCAS with an official transcript from all institutions that you have intended, including Overseas US Institutions.

Q: What will happen if my transcript is suspected to be fraudulent or to contain false information?

A: OTCAS will investigate and report to your designated OT programs any applicants suspected of submitting false or fraudulent information. If any misrepresentation in data is suspected by or reported to OTCAS, the applicant and the applicant’s designated OT program will be notified and relevant information will be requested. If misrepresentation in data is confirmed, OTCAS will notify the programs to which the applicant has applied. In addition, on a case-by-case basis, OTCAS reserves the right to notify all participating colleges and programs.

Q: Do I have to wait for my transcripts to be received at OTCAS before I can Submit my application?

A: No. You can e-submit your OTCAS application as soon as you are confident that you have completed all of the online sections accurately. OTCAS will accept your letters of reference, transcripts, and payment regardless of the status of your application, and the receipt of these documents does not affect whether you can e-submit.

Q: What do I do if I cannot obtain a transcript due to financial obligations to one of my former programs?

A: OTCAS does not waive transcript requirements due to an applicant’s financial obligations to a college or university. Applicants who are unable to obtain an official transcript from a college or university due to extenuating circumstances (other than financial) must submit a signed letter of explanation on official letterhead from the appropriate institution or state department of education. OTCAS will evaluate transcript waiver requests on a case-by-case basis.