U.S. and Canadian Coursework

Q: Do I need to enter all of my college courses on my OTCAS application?

A: Yes. You must key enter all of your previous college coursework on the application including repeated, failed and withdrawn courses. OTCAS must receive an official transcript directly from the registrar or records office for each institution you attended, even if those credits transferred to your primary college or university. Your OTCAS Transcript Entry section should be an exact replica of your official transcripts. Do not attempt to enter your courses from memory. Request an additional copy of your official transcript from the colleges and universities you attended so you may enter your courses correctly on the application.  If your application is missing courses or the courses were entered incorrectly, OTCAS will undeliver your application to you for corrections until the discrepancies are resolved.

Q: My designated OT program only requires certain prerequisite courses. Do I still need to enter all of my college courses on the application?

A: Yes. You must enter all of your undergraduate, graduate, and professional courses on the OTCAS application, even if they are not required by the OT program for admission.

Q: How do I enter my Advanced Placement (AP) courses in the Coursework section?

A: You should enter any AP courses that appear on your official transcripts in the Transcript Entry section under the term the credit was granted by your college or university. These courses should be marked with the special classification of “Advanced Placement”.

If you have Advanced Placement credit marked as “Transfer” credit on your official transcript you must report the institution where you took the courses, report the coursework, AND have an official transcript sent to OTCAS.

Please note: Individual programs may require additional documentation for AP courses.

Q: How do I enter college (Dual Enrollment or Cooperative) credits earned while I was still in high school?

A: If you received college credit for a co-op/dual enrollment course taken in high school from any college or university, you MUST list that institution on your OTCAS application and enter the coursework, even if you did not take courses on the campus of that institution. OTCAS must also receive an official transcript from the college/university registrar or records office.

Q: Do I need to send a transcript from every college or university I attended if the coursework transferred to another institution and appears on that transcript?

A: Yes. You must list every college and university you attended. All coursework must be listed under the college/university where the course was originally taken. OTCAS must also receive an official transcript from every college and university attended, even if you transferred the credits to another institution.

Q: If I have transferred coursework from one institution to another, can I enter all of my coursework off of one transcript?

A: No. You must enter all coursework exactly as it appears on the transcript from the original institution where the courses were taken.

Q: Should I enter my Canadian courses in the Coursework section?

A: Yes. Enter any Canadian colleges and universities you have attended and enter your Canadian coursework on your OTCAS application. Canadian coursework will be verified and factored into your OTCAS GPA calculations so you must send original English-language Canadian transcripts to OTCAS. Review the OTCAS program pages to determine what Canadian documentation is required by your designated programs. Your designated OT programs may require you to send an original Canadian transcript directly to the institution and/or a foreign evaluation report to OTCAS. OTCAS will NOT hold your application file for missing foreign evaluations.

Q: Do I enter my Study Abroad courses in the Coursework section?

A: Yes. As long as the study abroad courses appear on a U.S. transcript with itemized grades and credit hours, you must enter your study abroad courses on the OTCAS application. OTCAS will include study abroad courses in all OTCAS GPA calculations. See the Transcript Entry Instructions for more information.

Q: If my school operates on a Semester calendar, but I took classes over the Summer or Winter Intercessions, should I list those terms as another type of session?

A: No. If your college or university operates on a semester calendar, all sessions should be listed as semesters, not as Quarters, Trimesters or Units. The type of calendar your institution operates on should be used for ALL sessions.

Q: How should I list coursework that I repeated or attempted more than once?

A: You must enter ALL attempts of EVERY course taken, even if you later repeated a course or if your college or university removed the initial attempt from your GPA calculation. Mark the first, subsequent, and final course attempts with a Special Classification of “Repeated.” Enter the number of credit hours that were attempted, regardless of how many were earned. List all grades as stated on the transcript. Any course with a grade of W (Withdrawn or Withdrawn Failing) or a special classification of “Incomplete” will not be calculated into your GPA’s.


Coursework Classification
Fall 2004 MATH 100: Calculus F 4.0 Repeated
Spring 2005 MATH 100: Calculus C- 4.0 Repeated
Fall 2005 HIST 101: US History W 3.0 Not Applicable
Spring 2006 HIST 101: US History A 3.0 Not Applicable
Fall 2005 CHEM 200: Organic W 4.0 Not Applicable
Spring 2006 CHEM 200: Organic F 4.0 Repeated
Fall 2007 CHEM 200: Organic B+ 4.0 Repeated
Fall 2007 BIOL 250: Anatomy I 4.0 Incomplete
Spring 2008 BIOL 250: Anatomy I 4.0 Repeated

Q: If I have taken a course more than once, does OTCAS use the higher grade for my GPA’s?

A: OTCAS will include ALL of your initial AND repeated course work in the GPA calculations, including those repeated under freshman forgiveness, academic bankruptcy, and other related institutional policies.

Q: How do I determine the Course Subjects of my coursework?

A: While entering your coursework in the Add Course window, you can view a comprehensive list Course Subjects. If you cannot find the specific name of your course within this list, select a Course Subject based on the departmental prefix for the course (e.g. BIO, PHYS, ENGL, etc.). OTCAS will attempt to verify this field and will adjust the Course Subject if you have classified your coursework incorrectly.

Q: How do I enter my coursework if my transcript indicates Course Credits or Units (One course = 1 Credit) rather than Credit Hours (One course = 4 semester hours)?

A: Certain programs grant credit by using a course credit or unit system, in which the majority of courses are equivalent to one course credit or unit rather than a certain number of semester hours or quarter hours. In order for your GPA’s to be calculated correctly, you must list your coursework with credit hours rather than course credits or units, even if your transcript lists these courses using course credits or units. If your credits are not entered correctly, it will delay preparation of your application for mailing, and will cause incorrect GPA calculations. Institutions that use this credit system generally have information regarding credit hour equivalency on the back of the official transcript. If you cannot locate this information on the back of your transcript, you should call your institution’s Registrar or Records Office.

Q: How do I enter my coursework and grades if my transcript is in a narrative (non-graded) format?

A: If narrative evaluations were used at your institution in lieu of grades, you should list your coursework and use P (Pass) as the grade if pass credit was awarded or NG (No Grade) if there is a purely narrative evaluation of your performance with no associated credit value listed on the transcript. Copies of narrative evaluations will be forwarded to your designated programs upon the program’s request.

Q: What do I do if my university used a non-traditional grading or term system?

A: Please enter your coursework as accurately as possible. If the OTCAS application does not give you the option of selecting the grades or credit hours that are listed on your transcript, please try to reproduce your transcript as closely as possible based on the information provided on the back of your transcript. OTCAS will verify your coursework based on the information provided on your transcript.

Q: What will happen if my transcript is suspected to be fraudulent or to contain false information?

A: OTCAS will investigate and report to your designated programs any applicants suspected of submitting false or fraudulent information. If any misrepresentation in data is suspected by or reported to OTCAS, the applicant and the applicant’s designated OT program will be notified and relevant information will be requested. If misrepresentation in data is confirmed, OTCAS will notify the programs to which the applicant has applied. In addition, on a case-by-case basis, OTCAS reserves the right to notify all participating programs.

Q: Will OTCAS send my transcripts back to me?

A: NO. OTCAS cannot send any documents back to you for any reason. Do NOT send OTCAS your only copy of any important documents if you cannot obtain a replacement for yourself or for your designated OT program(s), should such a document be requested once you are admitted to a program.

Q: Will OTCAS send my official transcript to my OT program once I am admitted?

A: No. Any documents received by OTCAS will be used solely for verification purposes and subsequently archived. If you are accepted by an OT program, you will be required to arrange for a second set of official transcripts to be sent directly from the Registrar’s office of every college and university you have attended to the OT program.