Colleges Attended

List ALL undergraduate, graduate, and post-baccalaureate undergraduate institutions you have attended or plan to attend.

You must enter all colleges and universities attended, even if the courses completed there are not required for admission to an occupational therapy program.  Institutions must be listed on your application, even if the courses completed there transferred in to another institution.  This includes non-degree programs, courses taken at a community college, and courses taken as part of a dual-enrollment program during high school if college credit was received.

Each institution you attended should only be listed once on the application, regardless of any gaps in attendance or the number of degrees received from the institution.

OTCAS requires an official copy of your transcript for each U.S. and Canadian institution attended.

Please note, it will take 7 – 10 business day for your official transcript to post to your OTCAS application once received.

If you attended a Canadian Institution that DOES NOT issue transcripts in English, then select the “Foreign Institution” option after typing in the name of your college. DO NOT select the name of your college if it appears in the list of colleges.

Foreign applicants can send a Foreign Transcript Evaluation to OTCAS, which will be provided to your designated occupational therapy schools.

Please send all documents to:

P.O. Box 9120
Watertown, MA 02471

Adding a College

Please type the name of the institution you attended in the box and select the college from the drop down list. Please be sure to continue typing the name of the institution you attended until you see it appear in the drop down list below.  College names may not appear until the full name has been typed out.  If the institution you attended does not appear in the list even after typing the full name, select “Can’t find your school?” and indicate if it is an unlisted Canadian institution, U.S. institution or other foreign institution.

Specify if you received a degree from each institution you list.  If yes, you will need to indicate the type of degree, date it was awarded or is anticipated, what your major(s) was and any minor you had.  If you received multiple degrees from a single institution, please use the “Add another Degree” button.

Next, specify the term type used at this institution (quarters, semesters or trimesters), as well as your start term and date and end term and date.  If you are still attending this institution, please check the box indicating this.

Once you have listed a college, you should print the Transcript Request Form and provide it to the Registrar’s office at this institution to be included with an official copy of your transcript, and have them sent to OTCAS.


If you attended an accredited U.S. Military school or academy, this work must be reported the same as any other college or university, and your coursework is considered academic. Common institutions which fall under this category include the Community College of the Air Force, the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, and West Point, among others. Please select the military academy you attended from our Institutions Attended list, and report your coursework as it appears on your academy transcript under academic terms. An official transcript is REQUIRED to be provided to OTCAS directly from your military academy.


If you served or are currently serving in the U.S. military and have taken courses as part of your military service which appear on an AARTS, Marine or SMART transcript, you are no longer required to report this in the “Colleges Attended” section of your OTCAS application. Instead, in “Program Materials” section, the OT programs to which you are applying may request that you upload your AARTS, Sailor/Marine, or other military transcript directly to their program via the “Military Papers” upload option under “Documents.” You would need to to do this for each school you are applying to individually. If you are unsure if this is necessary, please contact the OTCAS programs to which you are applying.

Electronic Transcripts

OTCAS Now accepts transcripts sent electronically from Credentials Solutions. To see if your school participates with this service please check this link;

If your school does participate please follow the link below:

Please note: OTCAS will not accept any other form of electronic transcripts other than transcripts sent from Credentials Solutions. If you do not see your school listed on the credentials solutions website above you are required to have your official transcript mailed to OTCAS. Once your transcript has been requested from Credentials Solutions it will take 7-10 business days to post to your application. Important note: utilizing this service will under no circumstance expedite the processing of transcripts. If you do not see your transcript posted to your application within the allotted 10 business days after it was requested please contact Credentials Solutions directly to confirm the order was completed.