Application Status and Notifications

It is the applicant’s responsibility to monitor the status of their application and application materials on a regular basis, and to follow up with OTCAS on any incomplete or undelivered statues, and on any incomplete or missing documents. OTCAS will NOT notify you that your application is incomplete or that documents are missing. To aid you in tracking your progress, you have several tools provided on your application:


How you determine your status has changed from previous application cycles. Rather than display one status for your full application, your application’s status is now displayed for each OT program to which you have applied. You can view your status by clicking the “Manage My Programs” box on your dashboard, and then clicking the “Program Status” tab on the upper right. Be aware of the following statuses:

  • In-Progress:  Your application has not yet been Submitted to OTCAS . You will receive a confirmation e-mail and notification to you application message inbox that your application was submitted.
  • Received > Awaiting Materials:  Your application has been Submitted and your fees have been paid, but you are still missing transcripts, which are required to become complete.
  • Materials Received > Verifying:  Your application is complete and in line for verification.
  • Undelivered:  An error has been found and your application has been returned to you for correction. It must be redelivered to OTCAS in order to be processed.
  • Verified: Your application has been processed and your GPA has been calculated. You will receive a confirmation e-mail and notification to you application message inbox that your application was verified.

IMPORTANT: OTCAS NO LONGER MAILS APPLICATIONS TO YOUR SELECTED OT PROGRAMS. All applications are accessed online by your selected programs in real time, and are reviewed at the OT programs’ discretion. As a result, your application status will NOT read as “mailed” at any time during the application cycle. A status of “Verified” is the final status for your application.



Can only be tracked on the ”Program Status” tab AFTER you have Submitted to at least one program. Click “View Payment History” under each program to view your payment receipt. Hover over the “Awaiting Materials” buttonINFO BUTTON to view transcript info, including which transcripts have and have not been received. You will also receive a notification in your “My Messages” inbox when each transcript posts to your application, so that you may track transcripts even if you have not yet submitted.


Can be tracked on your “Evaluations” page. These statuses are updated immediately once the reference has been submitted by the evaluator.


The GPA can be viewed on your application PDF. To download the PDF, navigate to the“Program Status” tab AFTER your your application has been verified by OTCAS. Click on the blue icon DOWNLOAD BUTTON in the upper right of each program you have applied to to bring up your application PDF.



On the left of your application is your “LATEST NOTIFICATIONS” inbox. OTCAS will notify the applicant if there is a problem with the coursework section of the application OR if we have received incomplete or invalid transcripts. Automated e-mails are also sent when your application is Submitted and when your transcripts, references, and GPA are processed.

OTCAS sends notifications BOTH via e-mail AND to the “Latest Notifications” section of your online application. Because some e-mail notifications may be filtered as junk, APPLICANTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR MONITORING THEIR OTCAS “Latest Notifications” INBOX.

OTCAS is NOT responsible for notifications applicants do not receive in their e-mail inbox, as these messages also appear in your OTCAS “Latest Notifications” inbox.