Undelivering the Application

If OTCAS finds significant mistakes while verifying your coursework, your application will be undelivered back to you with an e-mail explaining what is wrong. You must then correct these errors AND RE-DELIVER the application to OTCAS in order for our staff to continue processing your application.

Mistakes Which Will Cause Your Application to be Undelivered:
  • You have failed to report a college or university you received credit from
  • You have listed all of your courses under one semester or term instead of dividing them up by term
  • Missing or incorrect department prefixes
  • Missing or incorrect course numbers
  • Missing courses (usually non-credit labs, PE courses, withdrawn courses, test credits, or repeated courses)
  • Vague or incorrect course titles (i.e. “English” instead of “English Composition I”)
  • Mislabeled terms or terms entered out of chronological order
  • Information consistently does not match that on your official transcripts
Mistakes Which Will NOT Cause Your Application to be Undelivered:
  • Misspellings
  • Capitalization
  • Incorrect course subjects
  • Occasional (not more than 4) incorrect grade, credit, or course information entries


The following steps will help your application get back into processing as quickly as possible:

1. Read through your undeliver message thoroughly to determine what needs to be corrected. If you have any questions or require help, please contact customer service.

2. Make ALL changes requested in the e-mail (sometimes more than one issue is listed).

3. Once you are done, YOU MUST RE-DELIVER THE APPLICATION BACK TO OTCAS. You will not need to make another payment, but if you do not redeliver your programs, we cannot process your application and it will remain undelivered indefinitely. To redeliver, click on “Manage My Programs” on the left-hand side of your application. On the next screen click the “Program Status” tab in the upper right-hand corner. Then click on the blue button that says “Redeliver My Programs.”

3. Check your application status to make sure it no longer reads as “Undelivered” on the “Program Status” tab.

4. In order for your application to go back into processing, its status must read as  “Materials Received> Verifying.” If additional documents (i.e. new transcripts) are required for your application to become complete, monitor this section to ensure they arrive and your application returns to a “Materials Received> Verifying” status. If it does not and all missing documents have arrived, contact OTCAS customer service ASAP.

5. Once your application is again “Materials Received >Verifying,” an automatic notification is sent to the verifier working on your application to let them know you have turned it back in. They will then return to reviewing your application as soon as possible. On average, your application will be reviewed again within 2-3 business days.

6. If it has been over five days since your application became complete again, please contact customer service.