Enter in your various experience types by completing the required relevant information for each type.  Make sure to correctly classify each experience type using the descriptions below:

  • All paid employment (non-OT related). Please list in chronological order from most recent to least recent and include a brief description of your responsibilities.
Extracurricular Activities:
  • Non-OT related, community service, club memberships, etc.
Healthcare Experience:
  • Both paid and unpaid work in the health or a health-related field where you are not directly responsible for a patient’s care; for example, filling prescriptions, performing clerical work, delivering patient food, cleaning patient rooms, working as a scribe or hospital volunteer, etc.
Internships and Clinical Experiences:
  • Enter any internship or clinical experience and the details regarding that experience. Make sure to use the Description box to elaborate.
  • Research projects done in addition to classroom work; research entries should NOT appear as credit on a school transcript.
Teaching Experience:
  • Enter any teaching experience that you may wish to report. These entries should NOT appear as credit on a school transcript.
  • Volunteer work done outside of the health care field; for example, working for Habitat for Humanity, tutoring students, participating in or working for a fundraiser walk or blood drive, etc.

Given these definitions, we ask the applicant to consider the duties which they performed during their experience and use their best judgment to determine which category their experience falls into.


Please be sure to read the instructions before entering your information. If you have any questions in regards to your experiences fulfilling an individual school’s requirements, you should inquire with that school directly.

Click the “Add an Experience” button and select the category from the “Experience Type” drop-down menu to begin inputting your information. Your experiences will not be displayed in any particular order, regardless of the order or the dates entered.

You may NOT repeat hours between the sections. If the position duties encompass more than one section, enter the position in both sections and divide the hours and duties accordingly. (Example: a 40 hr/wk position with 10 hrs/wk of research and 30 hrs/wk of healthcare would be entered under both research and healthcare sections with the appropriate hours and duties listed within each section).