Release Statement

Advisor Release

Select β€œYes” if you give OTCAS permission to release selected information regarding your admission status to the chief health professions advisor and the health professions advisory committee of the post-secondary institution(s) that you have attended. By releasing your information, your advisor is better able to assist you in the admissions process, as well as better guide other students in the future. You cannot make changes to this item after you submit your application to OTCAS.

OTCAS Release

To complete this section, you must indicate your understanding and acceptance of the terms described in that section by checking the appropriate box. The release statement is as follows:

Please review all OTACAS and program-specific instructions in order to properly complete the application process.

Before you e-submit your application, review the list below to ensure that you have properly completed the OTACAS application process. Did you…

Review your application for accuracy? Research school pages for deadline requirements and supplemental information? Read and understand the OTACAS Frequently Asked Questions? Confirm that the e-mail to the Electronic Recommender Portal was received by your recommender?

Do you…

Understand that once you e-submit your application, NO changes can be made to any section other than your personal data? Understand that once you e-submit your application, NO refunds will be granted for any reason? Understand that it is your responsibility to monitor the status of your application on a regular basis?

NOTE: If there is any section that you do not understand, contact OTACAS customer service immediately for clarification.

DO NOT continue with your application until you have completed each task requested by OTACAS and fully understand the OTACAS policies.