OTCAS On-Line Letters Of Recommendation

This portal is designed to allow applicants who are currently completing an application for the Centralized Application Service for OTCAS Programs (OTCAS) to request an on-line letter of recommendation. If multiple applicants use your email address to request a reference, this portal allows you to manage these applicants through a single account.


My Profile: Upon your first login, you will be presented with your profile screen. Please review your profile information for accuracy and make any necessary changes.

You MUST click Save to accept your Profile information irrespective of whether you make changes or not.

My Applicants: Within this area, you have the ability to view all applicants that have requested a reference categorized by their reference statuses: Pending, Incomplete, and Submitted.

Reference Status:

  1. Pending: The applicant has submitted a new request and the Reference has not started filling the request.
  2. Incomplete: The Reference has started filling the request but has not yet completed the submission process.
  3. Submitted: The Reference has completed and submitted the request.

Waiver: The Waiver status indicates whether or not the applicant has waived his/her right to view the content of the reference:

xmarkIndicates that the Applicant has NOT WAIVED his/her right to view the content of the Letter of Reference.

checkmarkIndicates that the Applicant has WAIVED his/her right to view the content of the Letter of Reference. No content will be released to the Applicant by OTCAS.

Deny: If you choose to deny a request, you can click on the “Deny” button for the applicant in question. Once you deny a reference for an applicant, he/she will receive an email alert and the corresponding request will be removed from your list of references.

To complete a reference for an applicant, click on the name of the applicant for whom you are completing a reference:

Ratings: Answer all of the questions within the Ratings page and click Save or Next to proceed to the Comments section. If you choose to change your answers within this section, you may do so by clicking on the Ratings tab, revise your answers, and save the information again.

Comments:  Click on the Comments tab and upload your letter.  The newest version of Flash must be installed in order for the upload box to appear.  Accepted file formats are .DOC and .PDF.  Click ‘next’ to proceed to the Preview/Submit section.

Note: Please be sure to save your information often.

Preview/Submit: Click on the Preview/Submit tab to review the information that you have entered. You will be notified of any incomplete or missed section(s).

Click Submit if you are satisfied with the Letter of Reference you have created. Once you have submitted a reference you cannot go back and edit the information that you have entered. So, please carefully review the reference prior to submission.